• Writer Marina Carr
  • Set and Costume Chiara Stephenson
  • Lighting Paul Keogan
  • Composition Erland Cooper
  • Sound George Dennis
  • Movement Anna Morrisey
  • Voice Tess Dignan
  • Video Andrzej Goulding

Academy Award-nominee Ruth Negga makes her Young Vic debut as Portia Coughlan in Marina Carr’s haunting play, directed by Caroline Byrne.

It’s Portia Coughlan’s thirtieth birthday. It is also the fifteenth anniversary of the death of her twin brother, Gabriel. Can she untether her soul from her dead twin and live in the real world, or will she surrender to her grief and reunite with her brother? On this fateful day can Portia Coughlan change her story? Or was it ever her story to begin with?

Portia Coughlan is a profound and disturbing story about love and kinship, examining how the history of the family is the history of a nation.